How to Participate and Set Up Your Account

Welcome to the Memobed charitable program designed to give back to our communities. Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity or its representatives can participate in our program. We’ve created a fast and easy system for your organization to get started and begin to enjoy the program’s rewards. Our flexible system makes it easy for organizations to get involved and receive donations. We went out of our way to make it so simple that anyone can get easily set up their account and start receiving donations without any paper forms or unnecessary busy work.

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So let’s get started as we walk you through the process.

Step 1: We provide a searchable online system of charitable organizations across the U.S. During the registration search for your organization’s name or EIN. A list of organizations will appear. Find and select on your organization’s name but be careful it’s your organization as there can be similar or duplicate names in the system.

Step 2: Follow the steps and Fill in the information as required. Please note that your administration email address must match your organization's domain name.

Step 3: Here your complete your profile and accept the Memobed Charity Program Agreement and submit for email verification.

Step 4: You receive an email to verify your account.

Step 5: After email verification, login to your account and click on Bank Detail tab from your dashboard to submit your organization’s bank account routing number. Fill in the information and be sure you’re using the proper account number.

Step 6: For verification purposes we ask you to upload a scanned copy of a voided check or bank statement. Note: Memobed does not maintain any financial information on the cloud and/or servers accessible via internet.

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How it works

If your charitable organization grants you permission or has designated you as a representative then you can be an organization administrator with Memobed. As an approved representative acting on behalf of your charity you will be given access to manage your Memobed charity account.

We have some small, but important details you want you to know about setting up the account. First, it’s invaluable to ensure your email address matches your organization’s domain name. Why is this necessary? We will be using email communication to keep all of our representatives and organizations informed about relevant news and events. Updates to the system or program promotions will also be sent to this email address.

As part of our state-of-the art electronic system, we do not operate using paper or forms. Donations will not be mailed through USPS or any other paper means. We exclusively use EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to keep overhead and management costs to a minimum and ensure 100 percent of the money goes to the charity and not program administration.

Memobed pulls publicly available information about various charities through an authorative service called GuideStar. Memobed's technology allows access to almost every charity in the nation and makes it seamless and easy for supporters to find the charity of their choice. Customers select their preferred charity and Memobed makes donations to customer’s selected charitable organization. Failure to register your organization with Memobed-Joy (Memobed Charity Program) will result in donations be held in perpetuity until your organization completes the free registration process. For more information on pending donations, see the answer to What happens if we don’t register?

About Memobed

About Memobed is an ecommerce website designed to sell mattresses and bedding products to improve the quality of your family’s sleep experience. The website provides a quick, efficient and effective way to shop for high-quality mattresses and bedding related products at an affordable price. As a part of this unique shopping experience, we created Memobed-Joy (Memobed charity program) to give back to our communities through charitable donations given to charitable organization selected by customers. Each purchase Memobed donates 5.0% of the retail price minus shipping and handling and other fees to a charitable organization chosen by the customer.

Memobed has made it very easy for charities to receive donations. Our guidelines are similar to other organizations and set up to meet regulatory and legal requirements. As a result, any charitable organization registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit (excluding private foundations) in good standing with the IRS is eligible to participate in MemobedJoy. If your organization is a supporting organization to a charity, it is not qualified to participate in this program. Additionally any organizations labeled as Type I, Type II or functionally integrated Type III supporting organization are not qualified. We only include organizations located within the U.S. or District of Columbia. Exclusion includes any organizations supporting or involved in the following: intolerance, hate, terrorism, violence, money laundering or illegal activities or any kind.

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Regulations and Standards

Memobed applies standards established by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control and the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify charities that meet our criteria for acceptance into MemobedJoy (Memobed charity program). When organizations sign up they are expected to comply and meet the standards described in the Memobed Charity Donation Acceptance Agreement. Failure to meet these standards disqualifies the organization from participation. Any organization electing to be excluded from the program may voluntarily do so. Our goal is to include only those reputable charitable organizations that do not participate, endorse or provide information or services related to the above-described exclusions. Memobed will do its due diligence to ensure the integrity of the organizations but cannot guarantee the organization’s good standing. For more information, please see the Memobed Charity Donation Acceptance Agreement.

Making Memobed work for customers and charities

This unique charity donation program (MemobedJoy) provides an easy way through a menu-prompt system when users first log onto the website. Using either your Web browser or Smartphone app, go to the homepage. Initially an immediate pop-up window prompts customers to sign up for Memobed. Once customers sign up each purchase, a 5.0% donation will be made to the charity of choice based on the retail price minus shipping and handling fees. Charitable organizations are invited to sign up free of charge. Memobed, Inc. makes donations to the charities selected by customer

Memobed Donates

Electronic Fund Transfer

We are delighted to be able to give 100 percent of the donation to the selected charities. Once charities have registered in the system and provided proper bank account information, donations will be deposited into the account via electronic funds transfer. The program excludes charities outside of the U.S. It is our great privilege to support qualified 501(c)(3) charities based in the U.S. and the District of Columbia. Any foreign charities will not be qualified to participate.

Memobed will occasionally recognize a specific charity chosen from the list in our Charity Spotlight program. Our goal is to make it easier for customers to identify a charity they would like to support – especially if they are uncertain about which one to select. We will send out invitations for charities to apply to be in the Spotlight. Charities will be asked to submit an application for consideration. Note: Please sign into your charity through

Memobed Inc. is a privately held corporation responsible for the administration of MemobedJoy (Memobed charity program). Donations are generated through product purchases and donated to qualified charities selected by customer. Customers pay nothing. Memobed administers and manages the system designed to use EFT to pay the donations directly to the selected charities with no extra fees or costs. Memobed-Joy technology is designed as a liaison between the customer and the charities. We make it a seamless process for the charities to receive the donations. Memobed does not take any portion of the donations. One hundred percent of the money goes to the designated charities. For more information, go to Contact Us on the website and fill out the form.

The program is designed to make the experience very easy to use for both customers and charities. All requests to be removed from the system can go to contact us to request removal from the program. All information residing on the charities and not added in the system by the charities comes from GuideStar. Any organizations having a problem with the system are encouraged to contact us directly for assistance.

Memobed Admin

Charity Admin

How it works for charities

Charities will be asked to assign a program administrator or representative to manage their account at the time of organization registration.

Contact us to remove any administrators who have already left your organization.

Account information, email addresses and passwords can be changed anytime from organizations' dashboard. Simply click on Settings and then hit edit and change the information. The EFT system information is found under bank details and can easily be edited. Our aim is to keep it as seamless as possible for the end user to navigate this system. All account information can be updated at anytime. Any questions can be answered by filling out the Contact Us form.

If your organization account is registered to an administrator who is no longer with your organization, please contact us and include a request in your message to remove the current administrator. Also please provide contact information for the new organization administrator. Alternatively you may make changes to the current account and we will reactivate your organization upon confirmation of the new information submitted

Charity Bank Account

Memobed Donations

Receive Donations

The Memobed, Inc. is responsible for the management and administration of the donations. Forty days after the end of each quarter, the foundation ensures the money is transferred to the respective charities. When products are returned, the system must account for these transactions. As a result a portion of the quarterly donations are withheld until the next donation cycle. The Memobed Charity Donation Acceptance Agreement contains more information.

The MemobedJoy department tracks and maintains donation information earned per quarter. Charities that fail to register and provide proper bank account details will have donations withheld until this action has been done. Registered charities with verified bank account information are the only organizations that will receive the donations. Charities have eight preceding quarters in which to register. Once eight quarters have lapsed those charities that did not register will have the funds reallocated to other registered charities during the next scheduled disbursement upon Memobed's own discretion. Memobed will attempt to contact your organization to encourage registration to receive the donations.

Donations are calculated at 5.0% of the purchase price from eligible purchases. Purchase price is the sale price excluding shipping, handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, service charges, and less rebates, returns and bad debt. Some items are ineligible for donations.

Currently all products available on the Memobed site are eligible for donations.

Organizations must accrue a minimum of $25 per quarter. Any accruement less than $25 will be rolled over to the next calendar quarter. The Memobed Foundation holds donation until under $25 up to four quarters. At this time the foundation will go ahead and release the amount even if it remains under $25. More details are available in the Memobed Charity Donation Acceptance Agreement

Donation given

Wrong Info

Registrants that do not receive donations may have provided inaccurate bank account information. Please visit your account and double-check the records through dashboard Note: Donations below $25 do not receive payments until the amount has gone over $25 in any one of four consecutive calendar quarters. If after four quarters have passed and the amount remains under $25 we will disburse the donation at least once a year. For more information, Contact Us

The MemobedJoy program is designed to make the experience very easy to use for both customers and charities. All requests to be removed from the system can go to contact us to request removal from the program. All information residing on the charities and not added in the system by the charities comes from GuideStar. Any organizations having a problem with the system are encouraged to contact us directly for assistance.

Memobed Marketing and Promotion

Our site contains a variety of tools to enable our supporters to share information about the program. Sign into your account, click on “Marketing Tab, and you will receive links to customized Memobed landing pages. Here your organization can select from email newsletters, buttons on websites, or social media posts to promote the program. We offer website banners and social sharing widgets to reach Facebook and Twitter followers.

We do not allow offline-marketing channels for promotional purposes, including print newsletters, direct mail, flyers, etc. We do allow organizations to do email advertising per our guidelines and restrictions. However, certain states in which charities are headquartered may not exclusively advertise Memobed in emails or newsletter. States in which restrictions apply include: AL, AR, CO, DC, FL, HI, ID, IL, IA, LA, ME, MD, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NM, OH, OK, RI, SC, SD, UT, VT, and WY.

Memobed Marketing

Memobed Coverage Map

If your organization is not headquartered in these states, you may promote Memobed to your supporters via email marketing that promotes Memobed. You can also send emails that contain Memobed information along with other content.

Website banners, links, widgets, and social media posts are permissible. For more information, see Memobed Charity Donation Acceptance Agreement.


We are very careful with our user Privacy We apply strict privacy guidelines to our account information and contact details. For details, see our Memobed Privacy Notice. We do not share information about the amount of money Memobed donates to organizations. We reserve the right to publicly disclose charitable donations amounts resulting from the Memobed Charity program. We do restrict customer information.

We do not share any information about Memobed customers with the charities. We restrict individual customer information and will not release that information to the charities. The Memobed Privacy Notice contains more details.

Memobed Privacy

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