The Memobed Healthy Secret - Hybrid Copper Mattress

Cool Cooper

Copper is Cool

Copper helps draw excess heat from the body

Anti Microbrial


Prevents the growth of bacteria and spread of viruses to promote health and wellness.

Anti inflammatory


Copper complexes are highly effective anti-inflammatory agents



Copper does not cause allergic reactions and has dust and mite resistant properties

Brain Stimulation

Stimulates Brain

Copper encourages brain stimulation during sleep

Odor Free Mattresses


copper ion naturally eliminates odor-causing bacteria

Get your healthy copper hybrid mattress

Copper has a healing property used by most athletes for aches and pains

Copper infused gel memory foam mattress

The Luxury Memobed hybrid is more than a mattress. It's WonderFeel™ Quadruple Effect™ Gel Memory Foam contains copper in the form of infused gel for anti-microbial activity and provides healing property used by most athletes for aches and pains. Our luxurious, hybrid mattress conducts body heat throughout the Gel Memory Foam and maintains a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

Copper is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, soil, air and water. This reddish-colored metal is used for its strength, durability, malleability and conductivity. Most importantly, copper contains antimicrobial properties that can kill and inactivate microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, molds, and viruses. Its germ-killing properties come from its rapid, broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficiency to kill these harmful agents.

While the average bed is built with standard cotton or nylon fabrics, foams and materials designed solely to create a comfortable mattress, Memobed is different. Standard mattresses can host a variety of bacteria and viruses. Memobed’s exclusive copper-infused layer contains positive ions, which create an anti-bacterial environment. Any bacteria, yeasts, moulds or viruses are killed upon contact with the copper-impregnated layer’s surface. As a result, Memobed’s sanitary sleep system provides a healthy place to rest.

Studies have shown the copper infused in foams creates an anti-sterilizing effect that can do the following:

  • Kill bacteria that can cause infections
  • Destroy viruses that can spread diseases like the flu
  • Prevent the spread of fungal infections such athlete’s foot
  • Reduce the incidence of asthma attacks provoked by dust mites

Copper-infused ions can also be absorbed through the skin to provide the following health benefits:

  • Improve the immune system to ensure better wound healing and prevent bedsores
  • Reduce inflammation known to benefit conditions such as arthritis and hard-to-heal bedsores
  • Provide pain relief through the reduction of inflammation
  • Improve the well being of the skin by promoting improved circulation
  • Create a hygienic environment for effective odor control and healthier skin tone and texture.
  • Rejuvenate the skin through production of collagen and elastin, which makes people look younger

Studies also show another documented benefit in which evidence suggests that copper can also create a shield around the body. This shield protects against electromagnetic interferences from devices that one can take to bed, such as smart phones, laptop computers, iPads, and more. This electromagnetic pollution is known to alter hormones, disrupt sleeping patterns, and even lead to life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular problems and cancer.

The Memobed mattress is the healthiest mattresses you’ll find in the market! The health benefits won’t cost you anything extra. Thus, why not invest in your sleep AND your health at the same time – Buy a Memobed.

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