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Memobed’s New Architecture Empowers Sleepers

Memobed Hybrid Luxury Firm Mattress

Solutions for Five Consumer Needs for Enhanced Sleep Quality

Mattress Comfort


Mattress Body/Back Support

Body/Back Support

Mattress Temperature Control

Temperature Control

Mattress Health


Mattress Durability


Other Factors We Considered in Memobed Design

Other factors for Memobed mattress design
 Mattress Airflow


Memobed Anti-microbial Mattress


Memobed High Density Foams


Memobed Mattress Firmness Level


Memobed Bounce Layer


Odor Control Properties


Founder's Experience in the Mattress Industry

Prototype Built






Mattresses Sold



Research & Development


2700 hours

One Perfect Hybrid Combination

Memobed's patent-pending combination of Memobed™ Tack and Jump Quilt, supportive and pressure relieving Wonderfeel™ Quadruple Effects™ CUGEL™ (Copper infused Gel Memory) foam over 100% Natural breathable latex foam supported by the state of the art MemoCoil™ Crafty Support HD Response system for added support, endurance and breathability, supported by Memotherapeutic™ base System for consistent level of support, is the cornerstone of our success. Each layer is carefully crafted and designed and put together to create a superior and well-balanced sleep environment that caters to the vast majority of sleeping positions and body types.

Memobed Luxury Hybrid Mattress
Memojo - Did you know?

What's Inside Memobed Mattress?

Mattress Cover


Double Jersey Knit Fabric ( Tick)

Double Jersey Knit is a high end fabric allowing for stretch and recovery. The stretch and recovery allows the sleeper to enjoy a comfortable surface, and longevity in wear and tear. Some fabrics do not stretch, offering a firmer uncomfortable feel. The Natural Rayon blend breathes and offers a cooler night sleep and a nice appearance to the fabric.


Beautiful and soft woven breathable damask border found only in high-end mattresses. Extremely durable with no chemical treatment.

Memobed Cover Arrow

Quilt layer

Tack and Jump Quilt

Is a slower process but high quality quilting application. The tack and jump needles “ sew “, then “ jump “ to another area and “ sew “. This provides more LOFT in the cover . Thus more comfort …… and an improved appearance. Competitors who offer Bed in a Box Have …. NO QUILTING APPLICATION. A lesser, inexpensive way to offer a product to the public. Too expensive and time consuming . Memobed believes: "Time is Quality." MEMOBED is a higher end extreme value conscious product starting with the surface. Very important to the over all feel.

Memosoft™ Foam

The tick is quilted to a 1" high density foam of 1.8 high memory retention minimizes body impressions. By comparison: 1.8 density foams are used in high end sofa cushions, and automobiles. The firmness ( or ILD ) is of a medium feel. Not too soft and not too firm. The thread used in the quilting application is a federal and state approved "Flame Retardant" thread.

Memobed wonderfeel Quadruple gel memory foam

Upholstery layer

2" of WonderFeel™ Quadruple Effect CUGEL™ Foam

Memobed's proprietary foam is designed to intelligently respond to your body in 4 ways:

Pressure point relief mattress

1. Helps relieve pressure points for enhanced comfort.

The unique structure of tiny cushioning chambers instantly responds to the contours of your body to help relieve pressure points for more cradling comfort.

2. Provides added support to help with body alignment

Proper Spinal Alignment

Mattress Temperature Control System

3. eCoolibrium™ technology

Helps in temperature regulations and distribution and maximizes blood flow while you sleep. This exclusive technology helps the advanced memory foams in our Memobed mattress to remain comfortable regardless of temperature or humidity. It works by broadening the temperature and humidity range where the materials consistently retain their natural feel.

4. Copper infused gel memory foam

Contains copper in the form of infused gel for anti-microbial activity and provides healing properties used by most athletes for aches and pains and conducts body heat throughout the Gel Memory Foam and maintains a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

Read more about copper benefits
Copper Mattress
Memobed Latex mattress layer

100% Natural Latex

The healthiest choice for all families

Eco friendly mattress


100% Natural botanical latex, breathable with increased elasticity

Hypoallergenic mattress

Hypo Allergenic

Won't cause allergies

100% memory retention mattress

100% Memory Retention

For minimized body impression. Contours to your body curvature

Anti-Microbial and dust mite free mattress


Dust mite free and anti-microbial

Breathable Mattress


Allows air to circulate, transports moisture, and stays cool and dry.

Back pain relief mattress properties

Back Pain Relief

Pressure point reduction and back pain relief

Comfort Support Mattress

Comfort and Support

Provides optimal spinal support and a refreshingly comfortable night sleep.

No off gasing and obnoxious fumes mattress

No Off Gassing

No toxic fire retardant or other toxic components

Elastic increased bounciness

Elastic Bounce

Added bounce, elasticity, and responsiveness that is beneficial to an active sleeper.

Memocoil crafty support layer

2.4" of Memocoil™ Crafty Support™ HD Response System

Memocoil Crafty Support HD Response System

It is the world’s first Memocoil™ support layer that brings the unique feel and response of memory foam to an advanced spring system. Hundreds of individually wrapped, slow recovery coils work with the foam layers above and below to continuously adapt to the contours of your body. This helps provide additional conforming support without any of the unwanted springy feel of other support systems.

MemoCoil Enhanced Cooler Night Sleep

Designed for comfort and support, doubled tempered wire for extra support and resiliency, airflow for enhanced cooler night sleep

Found in top premium mattresses

Contours all the curvatures of the body to provide proper support including lower back and upper neck

Replaces foam to minimize body impressions

Memocoil back and neck support

Memobed Mattress meets chiropractic standards

Meets chiropractic standards for proper back and neck support

  • Enhances blood flow for proper circulation by minimizing the cutting of blood pressure points.
  • Minimizes arthritic symptoms

MemoCoil™ Artomotion™ Technology

Minimizes motion and roll together between partners. Dynamic response to natural body movements delivers for support needed for deep, relaxing sleep.

MemoCoil Artomtion Technology

Memocoil Cooling System

Cooler Sleep

Innersprings transfer heat 28% more efficiently than foam and are cooler on initial contact.

Memobed Support Layer

Support Layer

MemoTherapeutic™ Support Layer

Memocoil Crafty Support HD Response System

MemoTherapeutic™ Support Layer is a form of Polyfoam that has a whopping density of 1.8 lbs per cubic foot mostly found at the bottom end of high quality mattresses. MemoTherapeutic™ support layer lasts longer than the conventional polyfoam and has better compression and performance quality. MemoTherapeutic™ support layer is also the firmer side of the Memobed hybrid mattress.

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Eco Friendly Mattress

We are Health Conscious.

We believe in healthy lifestyle and building Memobed mattress using healthy materials is of no exception.

Memobed uses water-based adhesive for laminating our foam layers together rather than the solvent-based adhesives used by many mattress makers across the industry. Memobed Hybrid Luxury Firm mattress is also a chemical free product. We don’t use chemical based fire retardant and instead use hydrated-silica sand fire retardant. When exposed to flames, it self-extinguishes without the use of chemicals.

Handcrafted in the USA

A truly luxurious experience includes a 12.5" 100% Natural Latex Memobed Hybrid Mattress Handmade in the USA

Memobed Luxury Hybrid handmade in the US by Memobed. Memobed Hybrid Handcrafted Sleep System is one of the most supportive and comfortable sleeping options ever made.

Made in USA, handcrafted in california

One Perfect Luxury Hybrid Mattress

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