Is the Memobed mattress built for comfort and body support?

Yes, absolutely. MEMOBED Mattress is designed with a “Hybrid” type design including all the upscale, premium features, and benefits to give you the desired comfort, and support required to give you a sound, healthy night’s sleep.  MEMOBED mattress has a unique “by comparison” to other products, a “ QUILTED “ TOP PANEL. This quilted top panel is a soft to the touch, Double Jersey Knit quilted to a thick 1" high density Memobed™ Memosoft™ comfortable foam for added comfort .

Memocoil Crafty Support HD Response System™  for enhanced spinal alignment ,  minimal motion between two people (Artomotion™ Technology),   pressure relief for quality blood circulation and back support.

WonderFeel™ Quadruple Effect™ CUGEL™ Memory Foam, Memobed's proprietary Foam is designed to intelligently respond to your body in 4 ways: 1) Helps relieve pressure points for proper blood circulation and enhanced comfort. 2) provides added support to help with body alignment. 3) Memobed's eCoolibrium™ technology helps in temperature regulations and distribution and maximizes blood flow while you sleep and 4) Contains CoolCU2+™ copper in the form of infused gel for anti-microbial activity and provides healing property used by most athletes for aches and pains and conducts body heat throughout the Gel Memory Foam and maintains a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

MEMOBED engineers designed the product with premium 100% Natural Latex. Natural Latex is the best Latex in the industry . Natural Latex breathes for a cooler nights sleep, and provides instant recovery,  and pressure relief.  

The ultimate In support and comfort is “ 100 Natural Latex “.

Memocoil Crafty Support HD Response System™  is wrapped Micro Coils System that are a very unique premium feature offered only in MEMOBED.    Micro-Coils are found in most Ultra-Premium bedding. The Memocoil Crafty Support HD Response System™  design of a full layer of hundreds of 2.4” coils ,  offers additional support and comfort without the higher risk of body impressions .  

No other manufacturer offers all of these very unique, premium features and benefits for your comfort and support.    

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