What qualities of the Memobed mattress separates itself from competition?

Our construction components are only found in premium high end mattresses in the industry. 

Very high density (quality) foam- Our 1.8 density foam minimizes body impressions and provides the best support and comfort. The average density foam used in the industry is around 1.3-1.5. 

What is the definition of foam density? The more foam means there’s less air in the mattress. The lower the density number? More air, less foam in the product... less quality. MEMOBED uses a foam density of 1.8 in each mattress, adding extraordinary comfort for the sleeper.

Quilted Panel on Top- No other manufacturer in the bed in the box industry quilts the top panel of the mattress to 1” of quality foam for added comfort. A single MEMOBED mattress has a full layer of hundreds of tempered 2.4" Memocoi™Crafty Support™ wrapped Micro Coils for added support and comfort. The use and engineering of Memocoi™ Crafty Support™ wrapped Micro Coils replaces foam in key parts inside a mattress. Memocoi™ Crafty Support™ wrapped Micro Coils provide maximum support and comfort. Micro Coils are found in only very HIGH END mattress products in the industry, as they never break down in a mattress as opposed to foam.

MEMOBED decided to separate itself from competitors with the introduction of our proprietary  Wonderfeel Quadruple Effect CUGEL (Copper infused gel memory foam) to intelligently respont to your body in 4 ways: Comfort, Support, Temprature Control (Ecoolibrium Technoloy) and CUGEL™ (Copper Infused Gel Memory Foam)- A health benefit that gives each sleeper a cooler night’s sleep.     

100% Natural LATEX- Our Memobed  natural Latex is the best and safest of all latexes. Used typically in only high end mattresses in the industry, MEMOBED uses Natural Latex for the dramatic enhancement of comfort, cool nights, sleep, and support. Natural Latex breathes inside the mattress and won’t ever breakdown.

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