What's the registration process to receive donations for my charitable organization?

Memobed created a seemless online process to help organizations register efforlessly. First you need to be an official representative of an eligible charitable organization followed by the below easy steps:


Step 1- Create a new account by going to http://memobed.com/charity/organizations/new and enter your organization name in the search box. you may search by name or EIN and then select the organization you represent. You want to make sure you select the right organizations as many of the charitibale organizations have similar names.

Step 2- Create your administrator organization account. We only accept emails associated with your organization. example: john.doe@organization-domain.com.

Step 3- Here your complete your profile and accept the Memobed Charity Program Agreement and submit for email verification.

Step 4- You receive an email to verify your account.

Step 5- After email verification, login to your account and click on Bank Detail tab from your dashboard to submit your organization’s bank account routing number. Fill in the information and be sure you’re using the proper account number. 


Step 6- For verification purposes we ask you to upload a scanned copy of a voided check or bank statement. Note: Memobed does not maintain any financial information on the cloud and/or servers accessible via internet.

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