When you purchase from Memobed.com, we give 5.0% of the total purchase price to any non-profit organization of your choice!

Sleep, mental and physical health all are vitally important in allowing each human being in the world to accomplish their dreams and goals in life. By purchasing a Memobed mattress, you the customer would have the opportunity to choose any non-profit organization you believe is best helping and advancing the human race, and we will donate a percentage of the total purchase price to that organization.

Why do we give and take part in Philanthropy?

32.4% or 76 million

Americans suffer from a mental disorder

Source: PsychCentral

Population Living Below National Poverty Line

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Source: CIA World Facebook 2008

According to research, over 3 billion humans live in poverty in the world today, which means they each earn an income of less than $2.50 each day. In the United States alone, approximately 75 million American citizens suffer from mental illness, which leaves a devastating impact on both their lives and also on the lives of their dependents and loved ones. Although money won’t buy everything, it would help provide basic means of living, such as food and shelter, which many people in the world today, unfortunately, lack severely. Lives can be saved, homelessness could decrease, peace and happiness could be given back to individuals, and life can be merry and inspirational for all. As a result, we believe philanthropy is extremely important in today’s world, and Memobed, Inc. is here to help!

How to support the charity of your choice?


Shop for a Memobed Mattress

All you have to do is buy America’s #1 luxury hybrid mattress online on our website. We will do the rest after that!


Choose your Non-Profit Organization

You are able to search for any non-profit organization in our system and choose which organization you would want us to donate a portion of our earnings to. Your selected non-profit organization will then have more resources to help take care of their tasks of helping to end human struggle in today’s society.


Donate With Proper Care

After you’ve purchased your product, we will inform that organization of available donation in making sure our donation will maximize its potential in making a memorable impact on the lives of the citizens they are serving, especially in areas such as security, peace and happiness.


Our "Big 5" Non-Profit Organization Partners

The following charities are chosen by Memobed staff from a list of eligible applicants. Memobed does not endorse any particular organization or the causes they support. Over one million charities are available to choose from at Memobed.com, and at any time, you may select any one of them to be the recipient of your contributions.

UC Davis Children Hospital

UC Davis Children's Hospital

Feb, 2017 Health

UC Davis Children's Hospital is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of children by promoting wellness through patient care, education, research and community service and by providing a regionally and nationally recognized center for innovative children's health care, making available the very best care possible.

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Rocket Dog rescue

Rocket Dog Rescue

Feb, 2015 Animals

Founded in 2001, Rocket Dog Rescue’s ultimate goal is to create a world where all companion animals have loving and permanent homes and where no good natured dogs, no matter what their age, are killed in shelters because they are considered to be surplus or un-adoptable.

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A place called home

A Place Called Home

Feb, 2015 Education Wellness

A Place Called Home provides a safe, nurturing environment with proven programs in arts, education, and wellness for the young people in South Central Los Angeles to help them improve their economic conditions and develop healthy, fulfilling and purposeful lives.

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Children Fund

Child Fund International

Feb, 2015 Health

ChildFund protects children’s well-being by strengthening relationships among children, parents, community members, local organizations, teachers and schools, governments and others. Together, we improve children’s lives — at every age, from infancy to young adulthood — with better nutrition, health, safety, education and skills so it’s possible for them to dream, achieve their potential and contribute to their communities.

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Cancer Foundation

National Pedeatric Cancer Foundation

Feb, 2015 Health

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer. Their focus is to fund research to fast track less toxic, more targeted treatments by partnering with 20 leading hospitals nationwide.

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